I'm looking to teach a lefty Kesiva, what sefer has the strokes clearly written out?


  1. I think I saw it once in the back of a new print of keses hasofer. The sefer had a green cover and was medium thickness. I don't have the sefer anymore so I don't know who printed it...

  2. If you can get your hands on כתיבת סת"ם - אומנות הכתיבה ויסודותיה by R' Mordechai Mendelowitz, there's a whole section on writing lefty starting on p. 537 of volume 3. It includes diagrams of how to write the letters.

  3. Do you know where this Sefer is available?

    1. I bought my copy from the author, but he only had vols 1-2 left, I think. You can try virtualgeula.com, which is a used book finding service in Israel, and I think that the YU library has it as well, if you're in NY.

      I could probably scan the relevant sections next week and e-mail them to you; email me at dovbergerATdovbergerDOTcom and I'll reply with it early next week. (Book's at home and scanner's at the office.)


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