donating a sefer Torah and keeping the mitzva of kesivas sefer Torah

It is known that there are different opinions whether one fulfills the mitzvah of writing a sefer Torah when he is donating (and not only lending) it to a shul. According to the majority view, one has to own the sefer and through giving the sefer away he "looses" the mitzva.
I was told that Chassidim generally don't hold this way and are not makpid on lending the sefer only, because one fulfills the mitzvah this way as well. Could anybody help me to find the source for this opinion?


  1. במכתבו כותב הביטוי להכניס הס"ת לרשות הביהכ"נ, ואף שלא פירש כוונתו בהביטוי לרשות, הנה נראה לי שלא יתן הס"ת במתנה ורק להעמידו שם וישאר ברשותו הוא, שאז קיום מצוה זו היא במילואה [נ"כ שו"ע יו"ד סר"ע ס"ב] - אגרות קודש כרך י"ד עמוד קס"ט

    1. The best is if:

      1) you commission the sofer from the outset write from start to finish (and not buy already written "off the shelf")
      2) you don't donate it and loose ownership (rather you lend it to a shul), as per Rav Levin above...
      3) Also you shouldn't pay it from maaser money (the hiddur component ie extra money to get a better one is acceptable)

      I can provide mareh mekomos a little later if anyone wants

  2. See also Shulchan Aruch (Orach Chayim 153:15) and Taz ibid:15.


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