not something you see every day...

Found this recently on someone's house, was up for years. Scary...


  1. How was that not caught immediately? Two magihim and the second word of a possuk which we say at least twice daily got past?

  2. It may have been checked by one magia. Furthermore, tefillin and mezuzahs with missing/extra letters/words are found on a fairly regular basis. It's mostly due to the magia or one reviewing computer results not concentrating properly but does happen on a rare occasion even to the best.

  3. Somebody brought me a pair of Teffilin that were checked three times by three different sofrim it said Vehigadta lebincha bayom hayom .... He bought it from a very reputable seller and was told its a very mehudar kesav .... It wasn't such a mehudar kesav and BH I insisted on having it computer checked....


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