Special Megillah tikkunim

Hello all,
Does anyone have a tikkun for a 28-line Megillat Ester without the 10 B'nei Haman in their own 'amud?

In other words, a tikkun which conforms to the Chassam Sofer's p'sak (the Gr"a may be interpreted this way as well)


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  2. That is exactly what the Gaon says, not merely an interpretation (so long as the Aseres Bnei Haman are at the bottom of the amud). You could try or.lasofer1@gmail.com

    1. Most of the Gr"a megillot I've seen are 11 lines, so that the b'nei Haman still get their own 'amud.

      On the other hand, the p'sak I received from R' Hamburger שליט”א does not specify a placement within the 'amud for them.

    2. The 11-line is just an attempt to fulfill both the opinion of the Gra that the 10 Bnei Haman should be written with the same size letters as well as the common practice that the 10 Bnei Haman get their own column. The Gra himself had a Megillah that had (many?) more than 11 lines per column, with the 10 Bnei Haman at the bottom of the column in which they happened to be, as R' Avi said. According to other opinions the 10 Bnei Haman should be at the top of the column, and according to others, as you say, it doesn't matter where in the column they are.

    3. I don't recall an opinion that it can be anywhere on the column

    4. ששה זרעוני ערוגה - הגאון מו"ה זלמן עמריך
      חתם סופר או"ח (ח"א) סי' קפ"ט


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