Chsash tzuras ois beis

Thank you R'Gutnick for adding me to the forum.
Some time ago harav wiener posted a similar case on his blog where the chof was touching the top right corner of the tof and he wrote that if the negiah was bshas hakesivah it is a problem.
I was wondering about this case in the picture if the same din applies and if anyone is aware of any kulah's to save this Mezuzah.


  1. A gut voch,

    The problem is that the negiya has already been scraped. How do we know if it was touching strongly or lightly or if even at all? (many sofrim and magihim scrape korov negiyos)

  2. ובהיכא דנדבק רגל ך' פשוטה בגג בדלי"ת שבשורה שתחתיה, מצד ימין של הגג דנראית אות ך' כמו בי"ת ארוך, נראה לומר דמותר לגרור הדיבוק להפרידם, ואין בזה משום חק תוכות, ובתפילין אין בו חשש שלא כסדרן אחר התיקון

    רב פעלים חלק שני או"ח שאלה יו"ד

  3. if the sofer has ksav kabale we can assume he knew the halacha ( כמו שמצינו בנקב)

  4. I don't think it can be automatically assumed that all certified sofrim are aware of this. The metzius does raise some level of chashash that the sofer didn't know what he was doing or isn't a yareh shamayim. It certainly can be a tzad to be mekel as can what R' Eli mentions above.


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