Global Shiur For Rabbi Mendy Gorman sheyichyeh, Lerefuah Shelaimah Ukrovah


I have asked R' Moshe Weiner to kindly give a shiur on STa"M (via Skype?)  for interested members of this forum. The shiur will be in the zechos of R'  Mendy Gorman - Yechezkel Menachem Mendel Zev ben Shainda Raizel, Lerefuah Shelaimah Ukrovah. Rabbi Gorman is a sofer from England and member of this forum.

The shiur will take place via Skype conference video call this coming Tuesday evening, (the night before Taanis Esther), commencing at 11:30 PM , ISRAELI TIME (Tuesday afternoon in the US).

Rabbi Weiner has kindly agreed to give the shiur on any general topic in STa"M of interest, suggestions welcome in the comments.

Please mark the time and it would be nice if we had good participation.

If any tech savvy members of this forum have any idea how the shiur can be uploaded directly to this website or watched live on on this site, please let me know. Otherwise we will do it via Skype conference video call.

Besuros Tovos!


  1. A Hakhel Skype shiur may it bring brachos למטה מעשרה טפחים!!

  2. Please let us know how to access the shiur.


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