The shiur will go ahead with Rav Weiner this Tuesday 3/29 (11:00pm Israeli time). This is 4:00 PM New York time...

To view live, please go to this URL:

(There is no need to log in)

The shiur is Lezecher Nishmas Rabbi Mendel Gorman Z"L, a member of our forum who passed away on Purim.

We also have in mind (yebodel lchaim toivim aruchim) two other members of this forum who are unwell and may they have a speedy refuah shelaimah.

We look forward to your participation...


  1. And a special yasherkoach to Dov Berger for setting up the account and for his efforts...

  2. Wonderful shiur! Excellent presentation. Very clear and methodical. A true schut to learn from Rav Weiner. Only feesback for improvement is that I was unable to send question during shiur. Thank you for organizing this, and looking forward to more shiurim from STaM Forum.

  3. The shiur will remain archived at that link for those who wish to view it in the future. I'll work on a live chat option for the next time we do one of these, for the asking of questions.

    1. Is it possible to superimpose illustrative figures of the petuchot and setumot over the video? Or would it be possible to do during future shiurim?

    2. I don't think I can do it retroactively. We can look into overlays/illustrations for future shiurim.

    3. I've never seen the shitta of the Rosh, so I was a bit confused. The other shittot had been explored in a wonderful article by R' Eli, so I could find images when necessary.

      Would it perhaps be possible to edit a copy of the video and upload it bimkom the original? I know it's doable.

  4. Shekoyach, R' Moshe, the shiur was excellent.

  5. Didn't make the livestream, but thanks for putting up the shiur - todah rabbah R. Weiner and to others for organising. Wonderful.


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