I search ebay periodically trying to find stolen tefilin.In Brooklyn iyt has become a makat medina, so far I have not seen any surface on ebay.
I did come across this post and it seems legitimate , if anybody is interested and needs somebody local to look at them I can try to help.
I have not contacted the seller nor do I know who it is


You are bidding on two beautiful pairs of tefillin - a Rashi and a Rabainu Taam set, written by the late Rabbi Eliezer Zirkind (crownheights.info/notices/442422/boruch-dayan-hoemes-rabbi-eliezer-zirkind-83-obm/), the Lubavitcher Rebbe's personal scribe. They are extremely rare, in great condition, and were checked roughly three years ago. 


  1. Doesn't make sense that they are stolen, seller has provided too much info about them, such as who the sofer is. And they are Chabad tefillin so checks out. Looks legit.

    The only thing odd is - why he is selling them?

    (Perhaps a reader may wish to inform the Zirkind family as I'm sure they would appreciate being able to acquire them).


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