A few recent shailahs


  1. Good shailos.

    The one I'm most concerned about is the daled. It depends how it hits you in real size real life viewing. If it was a narrower and thinner ksav it would be worse...
    I'd love to hear what Rav Friedlander says. Pls share

    The other two can be repaired (by adding ink)

    1. I would think that the dalet is similar to the old vovin lefufin that are a discussion in the poskim I don't want to misquote it. but see the Bnei Yona about it.

  2. dalet is kosher since its thin like a tag,
    samech has moshava katzar
    chaf is shailas tinok

  3. Seems to me from the Mishnas Sofrim that "just adding ink" is insufficient:

    ויש מקילין ביש לה זוית מלמעלה כיון שהיא עגולה למטה וכיון שהוא מלתא דאורייתא צריך להחמיר כדעה הראשונה דפסולה ולא יועיל לה תיקון ע"י גרירה דהוי ח"ת אלא (ו) יוסיף עליה דיו לעשותה עגול אם לא כתב עדיין יותר כדי דלא ליהוי שלא כסדרן. ואפשר דבזה שיש לה זוית מלמעלה ועגולה מלמטה אם התינוק קוראה כהלכתה צורתה עליה מיקרי ויכול לתקנה בתיקון הנ"ל אף שכתב יותר ואין בזה משום שלא כסדרן וכנ"ל בל"ב סכ"ה

  4. Rav Friedlander said:

    Dalet- shouldn't use unless bshaas hadchak. My understanding for his leniency is due to multiple factors: it has an ekev, skinny Yud hafuch and is same length as regular letters (Even though the regel sticks down a kulmus longer.)

    Samech - pasul (Darchei Noam as brought by MKM) I had thought that even though left side is straight and has a corner than the right side strong curve/narrow base would allow for a ST.

    Chaf- kosher (even though Kesiva Tama brings that even a straight corner is a ST and an ekev is pasul

    1. The case of the daled and the case of the chof was pretty much what I was expecting him to say....

      But I'm surprised about the samech. While I dont see this much in Arizal and Beis Yosef ksav, I often have this or similar shailos in Chabad or Vellish ksav, (where it is much easier to err and make this tzurah) and it is usually fixable esp when the right side is so round.

      (A shailos tinok will always be read as a samech because that is how it appears in the siddur and children are used to a samech looking like that lechatchillah....)


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