Kaballah Tagin

When checking someone's private tefillin (or mezuzos) , is a  magiha obligated to amend Tagei Kabollah that are not written correctly? (i.e. add if they are missing, scratch out if extra?) Most people I have asked over the years including those I learned from say not to. But I consistently see (mostly in) tefillin where these have been altered, most likely by others who have checked before me. It seems some are definitely those out there who feel strongly enough to do this. (Sometimes I even see the kaballah tagin have been played with but seemingly more necessary repairs overlooked.)

Id be interested to hear what others have to say about this?


  1. There are many different versions of "Shimusha Rabba" tagin and it is very hard to know for sure that whatever was done was done without a source. See for example the sefer Kovetz Rishonim al Tzuras HaOsiyos put out fairly recently by R' Binyamin Weiss, a chashuva sofer in Elad, who has a chart in the back where he compares many different versions of extra tagei tfillin from rishonim.

    1. Yes but there are sofrim who follow the way it was done exactly on particular ksavim or how they were taught, and go through the trouble of fixing when encountering a variation. While I understand the need for consistency for a sofer writing or selling in one particular way, is it really necessary to start changing and scratching when doing a routine check. On an existing set of tefillin?


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