Thoughts on reish?

Thoughts on Reish?


  1. Technically probably a שאלת תינוק, but I would hesitate to be machshir even with a Tinok because a protrusion on the top right signifies a ד whether upwards or righwards (see פתשגן הכתב mentioning the Gemara about תגיה דדל"ת). But in this case the severe roundness of the letter in general might be a mitigating factor.

  2. it seems to me that a kosher reish was written. a giant negia happened.had this been an aguna we can be metzaref the smak that once a letter was written kosher it cannot become pasul. However i am sure that if you check this parsha carefully you will find a psul.check all the dalets if they are not zeins and vise versa

  3. There was no negia. The sofer clearly has/had a problem with writing Reish's this way. I was shown 2. One was ok and this one I wouldn't be machshir unless told otherwise by an posek mumcheh.


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