Vov of vehoyu

It looked ok from far, but after a closer examination, is could well be a kosher zayin...


  1. Depends how it looks at arm's length, i.e. normal reading distance

  2. If it was "Odom benoni sh'koreh me'al habimah" it would definitely look like a vov. At a distance of one amoh, it looks like a vov. In my normal close up checking position, it hit me instantly that it could possibly pass as a zayin, ie a potential shinuy tzurah was obvious. This gets back to the bigger issue of how close do you have to scrutinise the letters. If we follow the well documented principal that if at normal reading position you encounter a doubt, then you can look at it at closer scrutiny, and even use a magnifying glass to help ascertain the status (see Dovev mesharim 1:1)

  3. I presume you're discussing the 2nd Vav. It seems to me that the letter is kosher.

  4. No, the first.

    - The first vov has the (thin) regel protruding from the middle of the head, like a zayin.

    - the regel fattens towards the bottom like a zayin.

    - The piece protruding from the bottom right corner of the rosh is mainly roshem at the end, so ignore it.

    - from far, looks like a vov with a blemish. From close you can see why it could be a problem. Click on the picture.

    - Most likely its fixable because from a normal reading distance it DOES look more like a vov. but at close scrutiny, a lot more like a zayin...

  5. I thought there was something covering part of the regel.
    What's protruding from the bottom right looks black enough to me and does make it look strange. Based on what I see, I'd ask a shailas chacham.

  6. Yes, agreed, definitely a shailos chachom, would likely pass given that from normal distance it's not too bad, as well as that streak coming out of the bottom corner, however I'd be too nervous calling it myself.


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