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הרב פינחס הלוי הורוביץ


Shailos tinok on reish

I just received a batch of mezuzos, it's a simple but Halachically sound ksav and overall easy to check. However there is one issue that keeps coming up with the letter reish, namely the sofer wrote some of them a little too square on the top right... not a zavis chada (ie a sharp corner which would be possul) but a fraction less than that and a little too square for my liking. The halacha in such a case (Mishnas Hasofer and others) is to make a shailos tinok. However I find that the child always reads it as a reish, because they are used to a daled protruding on the top right and these obviously do not, even in the worst cases. So my question is, how useful is a shailos tinok here and does anyone have any other more practical guidelines on how to deal with this case?

Country Mezuzas

Sheurim in Kesses and M.B.

does any one have, or know where I can get Sheurim in Kesses and M.B. in english or Heberew?

If your wife is pregnant or nursing a baby...

Danger:      Mothers Who Fast While Pregnant or Breastfeeding Have the Highest Rate of Mentally Retarded Children    

Keses Hasofer in English

Does anyone have an English translation of Keses Hasofer's 5th chapter on tzuras haosiyos? I would like to quote it in a paper, so I am looking for a translation with no copyright problems. Thanks a lot.

New Israeli whatsapp group for batim and sgira

שלום הרב אלי, קיבלתי את המייל שלך, שיש לך פורום בינלאומי לענייני סת"ם. אשמח אם תפרסם שם את ההודעה הבאה: יש לנו קבוצה בווצאפ, המיועדת למי שעוסק בסגירה ושיפוץ בתי תפילין. הקבוצה מיועדת אך ורק למי שעוסק במקצוע. בקבוצה נמצאים יצרני תפילין, ומורים המלמדים סגירה. בקבוצה נמצאים חברים מארץ הקודש והעולם. מי שמעוניין, שישלח הודעת ווצאפ ל-  +972 50-410-6417 בברכת התורה.

Hachnasa Sefer for a 15cm Torah

15cm sefer is a bit too small to let kesivas osiyos, anyone ever heard of doing sewing instead?

How to attach the tefillin knot to the bayis

R' Melech Michaels is a talmid of R' Avrohom Tzvi Wosner and has kabboloh from the Va'ad Mishmereth Sta"m. There's also an incidental product placement for Beis HaSta"m.

Reish / yud shailo in Gett

The reish from "Geoffrey" . The Gett was already written and sent with a shliach, and the shailo noticed by the receiving Beis Din. So it cannot be fixed... Does it need to be rewritten?

על מצות בדיקת תפילין בזמנינו


Mezuzah at car dealership

This yid owns a car dealership and is very proud of his mezuzah at the entrance to his show room: But is such a case Halachically acceptable?