Keses Hasofer in English

Does anyone have an English translation of Keses Hasofer's 5th chapter on tzuras haosiyos? I would like to quote it in a paper, so I am looking for a translation with no copyright problems.
Thanks a lot.


  1. I once came across a translation on the net. However, I am not sure whether it would be ideal to suggest, because it was made by a woman who writes sta"m (despite the explicit p'suloh in Siman 1, which she translates). If you want it despite its provenance, I can find it fairly quickly.

    Just for curiosity's sake, why aren't you using Mishnas Sofrim (Mishnah Berurah to OC 36)?

  2. Is it permissable to use the "torah"-work of a woman who rejects Chaza"l?


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