Mezuzah at car dealership

This yid owns a car dealership and is very proud of his mezuzah at the entrance to his show room:

But is such a case Halachically acceptable?


  1. Although this is less of a problem of having human figurine mezuzah cases (based on 'tzuros efilu Lenoi' as explained in Yoreh Deah), which unfortunately is some what common. Nonetheless this is not in the ruach of the mitzvah, I find this worse then a team logo kippah being that the Rambam writes (end of Hilchos Mezuzah) that everytime one passes by a mezuzah they are to remind themselves of Yichud Hashem...
    Although mi-ikur hadin, this is not asur. It is not preferable as well.
    With some people we need to know who we are dealing with before we tell them something. This fits with the axiom מוטב שיהי' שוגגים ואל תהי' מזידין

  2. On the other hand, it's makes the fact that there is a Mezuza there more conspicuous (to us) and less apt to be vandalized (them). The Gemara speaks of utterly hiding the mezuza in an shallow hole in the doorpost, plastered over. Not much chance of it reminding us of Yichud Hashem there.

  3. Note the wheels are touching the wall, not the actual car, so there is a gap between most of the "case" and the wall

    1. There are Poskim (Minchas Yitzchak 10:95) who are machmir by "hefsef avir" (air space separation) however, the main view that if the mezuzah case is connected from top and bottom it is still a kosher affixing.

      In my sefer "Mezuzah:Divine Protection and Blessing" these matters (with pictures) are dealt with in detail (pages 91-92).


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