Reish / yud shailo in Gett

The reish from "Geoffrey" . The Gett was already written and sent with a shliach, and the shailo noticed by the receiving Beis Din. So it cannot be fixed...
Does it need to be rewritten?


  1. By writing "DeMitkarei Geoffrey" this name has the same status as the SHEM IKAR - The Get must be re-written due to the misspelling. see EVEN HAEZER 129

  2. isn't it obvious that this is a shaylas tinok?

    1. The tinok said it's a big yud and then a little yud. But since the "reish" follows a pay (and ayin) which extend lower than other letters, the child was likely thrown off by that. I suggested the beis Din cover those letters but they said it's such a problematic tzurah they are going to rewrite the get rather tha make a "tinok circus" as 1)the husband was willing and 2) they are dealing with a chshash issue kores and there is no reason to look for leniency due to 1) above...

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  3. The Beis Din is absolutely right--without a "glatt kosher" shalas tinok, חלילה להקל בזה שלא במקום עיגון

  4. Yes, I know even by Sta"m Rav Friedlander differentiates between shailos tinok lekulah and shailos tinok lechumrah.

    If it's not a "glatt" shailos tinok he may only be machshir bedieved


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