2 Mezuzahs, same problem - Mistake or another minhag

I was given 2 Mezuzahs from one client to inspect both Uvishearechas finish at end of the line.

I was wondering if maybe theres a shita that holds a minhag to do this other than Shitas HoRambam where a parsha ends as a parsha psucha with under 9 yudin.  Its been a long time since I learned Keset Hasofer.

Can anyone share if you've ever encountered such an issue and are these Kosher lechatchila or B'Dieved?


  1. These mezuzos are kosher lechatchillah and such is the way the stumah is done in many sefardi mezuzos and parshiyos.

  2. so long as there are 9 large letters at the beginning of the "vehaya" paragraph of course!

  3. someone who hasn't learned Keses in a long time should not be dealing in sta"m! and definitely not checking!

  4. As long as there are 9 letters at the beginning, it's fine.(Rambam) 9 Yuds/vavs is also lechatchila. (Many sofrim don't make 9 osios gedolos in a mezuzah)

    The Mishmeres STaM requires one to know the MB and only 3 perakim of the Keses to be a capable sofer.

    To check, the Keses (and the Mishna Brura) are insufficient. In fact, book learning only is insufficient.

  5. I added the part about 9 large letters because I mentioned parshiyos (tefillin). Definitely need that in tefillin for sfardim

  6. Yasher Koach Zev M, will take to heart and likely time for a full chazarah... The real problem is those magihim/ sofrim who dont even ask...

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