פורום בינלאומי לנושא סת"ם

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

זיי"ן או נו"ן פשוטה

הז' של זבח יוצא ממנה קוץ כלפי מטה -  נראה לי שמועיל שאלת תינוק כאן [בגלל שיש להבחין בין עובי הירך וקוץ] ואם יקראנה ז' מותר למחוק קוץ זה
זה דעתי, ואני יודע שיש רבנים שליט"א אחרים - שיש להם דעה אחרת בנידון


  1. I just spoke with Rav Friedlander on asking a tinok this shailah. He feels that since children are used to the printed Nun Sofit, in which the leg protrudes from the right corner that a tinok will likely call even a very long Zayin as a Zayin and therefore it's best for a moreh horaah to pasken and not ask a tinok. However, in my humble opinion, if the moreh horaah is besafek and one tests a child on a number of Zayins and Nun pshutas (mixed in with other random letters) in this ksav and he proves to know his letters then it would be best to ask him and if need be, an adult can be asked by covering the surrounding letters.

    1. It is greatly preferable to use a tinok proficient in osiyos stam. Most kids proficient in osiyos stam will know the difference between a zayin and nun pshutah is the length of the regel only, as they are identical on the top....

  2. MISHMERES STAM holds posul.
    i will post rabbi kleins tshuva that tinok doesnt help


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