Ellul Checking Incentive

As a bonus service for those who check their Tefillin and Mezuzos with me during the month of Ellul, I am offering an additional service whereby I send a scan of their parshiyos to Mishmeres Stam for a complimentary computer check. Mishmeres Stam has very reasonable rates for this service and they have the report emailed back to me in a few hours.

I forward the customer the report and the following email. I have done this for my pre-Ellul "early bird" customers and found it is very much appreciated by people.

Wishing everyone much success in their Ellul checking season.

Dear valued customer,

I am now offering  an additional (free) service for Ellul customers whereby a scan of your parshiyos brought in for checking is emailed to the head office of the Vaad Mishmeres Stam in Israel for analysis.  The report gets emailed back to me within a few hours for reference, with a list of any errors or potential concerns that require further scrutiny.

I have forwarded your report with this email.

Although I still manually check  your parshiyos locally as part of my checking service (and apply the necessary maintenance and repair when necessary), the advantage of the report from Israel is that their computer system has been proven  the most reliable available, and statistically has a higher chance of catching spelling errors such as missing or extra letters than a human examiner. So it’s one extra aspect that I feel adds to the maximum level of checking I strive to achieve.

It also means that a detailed image of your parshiyos is kept on the database of the Mishmeres Stam and can be referred to at any time by referencing the code at the top of their report.

If you have any questions about this feel free to call and discuss.


  1. I think I will follow in your footsteps.
    My reasoning is that although we check for chaser vayatir I am always nervous during codes ellul when there are slot of bedikos,if Doing a comp check is very comforting. By the way we found a missing word last week on a 7 year old pair.

  2. Yes and the setup with the vaad works perfectly for me. I can hire anybody to scan even a young bocher or somebody that doesn't know safrus.the referencing back is also great.And the cheap price is a great value for yishuv hadass.

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