Orel retzuos

Do you have experience with them? Are you happy with the quality? Do you find them to be soft? thin/thick?

Do you know anything about the machshirim (2 runs) - Rabbi Sheikovitz in Italy or Rav Hillel Weinberger (Satmar dayan) in New York?

The retzuos under Rav Weinberger are the same or more than those under the Edah. I'm not aware of any halachic advantage so unless there's good reason, I'd rather stick with the Edah, as it's a strong selling point plus it's known that they're experts in retzuos and their supervision is thorough. Your thoughts?


  1. Although I bought from Weisman for many years, I have recently purchased a shipment from Orel which I was very impressed with, the leather was nice and soft and seemed very good quality. Price was similar to Wiesman.

    (My only concern is that because of the softness that possibly they could stretch and become thin more easily. But I have not heard of this being a problem and I don't think it's a major concern.)

    I don't know how easily you can get these in Israel but I have a contact in the US. If anyone is interested, please feel free to email me privately

  2. If you order 10 rolls he'll give a similar price to Weisman for those under Rav Sheikevitz. My concern is that I know nothing about the machshir or his expertise in retzuos while Rav Klein is one of the leading poskim.
    With regards to his retzuos under Rav Weinberger, the price is Edah, for 10 rolls is about the same but I don;t know how expert Rav Weinberger is in retzuos while the Edah are experts plus I can tell customers of the thorough and expert supervision of the Edah, which is important to Bnai Torah plus mention of the Edah sells itself while outside of a small group Rav Weinberger is unknown.

  3. although we are still skeptical about the quality i heard from a sofer selling the ones with hisachdus hechsher(weinberger) for 7 months with no returns


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