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  1. Rabbi Clapman makes some excellent points. Yasherkoach for posting this

    (I agree with points 1,2,4 and 5 wholeheartedly.

    Re point number 3, the vast majority of contemporary poskim allow the use of a rapidograph for minor touch ups

    Re point number 6, I totally agree it is a conflict of interest but in some cases a "necessary evil" particularly in cities where there are limited options for reliable buying of replacement parts and it is not practical to wait for an order to arrive from abroad)

  2. Agree with eli.
    We have a report card that states the quality of every mezuza checked.
    By the way there are 2 kosher ink for rapidographs with hechsher available.
    Dio lane teach with approval from vaad mishmeres Stam and regulations ink with hechsher from rabbi my gross.

  3. I would add if one wants to question the integrity of the magiah (which is fine), one should ask to see their teudah ksav kabalah (Ordination certificate).
    It is also important to ascertain that the teudah is not just for writing (which does not require as much halachik knowledge) but also for Hagah (checking). That the person is ordained to be a magiah.

  4. A few comments iy'h:

    1. The Sofer can answer that, either him or someone working for/with him. As long as the client is told.
    2. Like in number 1, as long as the client knows, I don't see any absolute necessity that the work should only be done by the owner/Sofer himself. Just like the Safrus companies proceed usually.
    3. Unnecessary, even a metal quill is clearly allowed (Keses Hasofer). So if the writing can be done with metal, a fortiori just repairs. I agree with previous comments.
    4. Yes.
    5. I do give Checking Report myself, but it would be difficult to start writing the mekoros for every negiah and hefsek. So he probably means for major problem.
    6. Like said earlier, it's better than the Sofer himself sells the Mezuzoth to clients instead of them buying in Judaica store unchecked items. Also if the client suspects the sofer of fraud, why would he go to him in the first place?

    In my honest opinion, i do find this sort of advertising confusing the client with far fetched hypothetical issues that aren't real or necessary. It's very simple things that will confuse people in a desperate attempt to attract client/parnassa in a forced way, using people's naïveté and credulity. Looks agressive and desperate, trying to point at 'possible' problems at others.

    My own view would be not to point at other's imaginary (or even true sometimes) issues, but rather expose the advantages and superiority of my work (as in the Rebbe Rashab's story with his brother.

    Wishing good luck iy'h


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