Torah should be commissioned from only clean source. Story with the Bal Shem Tov

The Money to Purchase a Sefer Torah should come from a Clean Source
The money used to commission a sefer torah should not have any doubt of gezel (theft) or come from any other unscrupulous places.[1]

[1] Lev Chayim 2:167 ois 44 sif katan 15. There it also cites a story of a community that the sefer torah would always be found to have a mistake in it, even after fixing it a different mistake would be found afterwards. The matter was told to the Bal Shem Tov and he said that the torah was written with money from an unscrupulous place and therefore it will never be able to be kosher.


  1. Important reminder. Powerful story. Thank you.

  2. Thank you Dovid for your post. This reflects the high standard by which we and our children must continue to carry ourselves. To seek a life of virtue and true accomplishment under the close guidance of our Maker. The Torah is what guides and animates us to achieve our God given potential. To hold it to a different standard would be no less than to diminish from its glory and denigrate our own standing and that of future generations. May HaShem bless us and all of Israel as we approach this New Year to rededicate ourselves with renewed and increased vigor to the high standards of excellence set by our forefathers and our Torah.


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