Rabbi Winer felt that a tinok helps  for this zein why then can a tinok not help for the vav in the following post?
: לא יעשה ואוין יודין יודין ואוין
לא יעשה זיינין  נונין נונין זיינין


  1. I find the spacing between some of the words as the biggest anomoly

  2. Am certainly not an expert ba'al magia, but visually, this zayin is the length of some of the letters surrounding it (the alef and nun of ani, the ches of zove'ach, and the heys in shem havaya), and thus scans as a zayin. It's certainly within the tolerances where it's a she'elas tinok.

    In the vav in the next post, to my eyes, it looks like the length of the regel is 6-7x the thickness of the (very narrow) rosh, and the vav doesn't scan as a vav - the regel descends too far.

    (I realize that overly long zayins are very contentious; this is just the theoretical framework I'd construct to explain the difference.)


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