Stuma Taz - more than 9 Yudin, how much more?

We require 9 Yudin plus a little more in order to represent the 8 chut hasaara spaces between each Yud. How much more?

What are the opinions of the poskim?


  1. If you're already down to chut hasaro between the letters, the sofer has gone too tight. Better to leave a wider nine yudin than try and calculate exactly the shiur with chut hasayro, which IMHO is a dangerous exercise (with a high chance of accidentally going a fraction less - which is possul)

  2. I understand but I'm asking lehalacha (even though sometimes it becomes lemaaseh) if others have heard a shiur. Rav Morganstern holds another 1/2 Yud is needed but he doesn't recall if he heard it from Rav Elyashiv. I need to clarify what Rav Friedlander holds as what I recall hearing from him years ago and what I just heard from a close source are not the same.

  3. Correction, Rav Morganstern said to figure out the width of a chut hasaara. The measurent that a number of people have come up with i 1/20mm and in fact a hair is around that as well. Therefore, in addition to 9 average osios ketanos of that ksav (SR/SY each according to it's osios ketanos, .4mm is needed.
    It seems it can be either according to the Yuds or Vavs. The question is what if the average of 1 is more narrow that the other.


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