Does anyone know if רב שטרן responds to letters? and what is his mailing address? If not, what is the best way to receive a תשובה from him? Thanks!!!


  1. I'm away at the moment but his address should be in the front of his sefer. I find, however, that the best way to get a response from the Israeli poskim is to call them during their "open" hours (They have set hours when they are available to the public).

  2. I haven't called Rav Stern in close to 15 years but then he was very accessible during his limited phone hours. However, he can only take a few quick shailahs and give short answers. If one wants a proper teshuva you'd have to write to him and hope he is able to respond. You'd need to include an SASE.
    While on the subject, has anyone recently written to Rav Chaim and gotten a reply? I sent a letter back in May and haven't heard back. No doubt he's flooded with letters and his time is limited. I asked someone in Bnai Brak to ask him one of my 10 or so shailahs I sent him and hope he can and gets in.

  3. I have somebody doing shimush once a week. if its not private email me and ill get it to him


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