I received an order for a custom 11 line Megillah, it is for an Adom Chashuv and the person who is buying it for him wants "all" the Hiddurim.

He also wants the ksav to be very large since it is for an older person so about 1.6mm or 1.8mm per line.

When I called my Klaf contact to order the special sizing he mentioned that there is a new tikkun from R' Chinagel on the 11 line Megillah that is more Mehudar. Basically, the columns are much narrower and therefore they are taller than wider so it is more Mehudar.

I never heard of this extra Hiddur so I called R' Chinagel and he told me that the Hiddur is basically because it is easier to Lein from a narrower column and also that the word "Amudim" means standing (taller than wider), and the regular Tikkun for 11 lines is wider than taller so it isn't really called Amudim.

I got my hands on some pages of this Tikkun and I am not so crazy about it, maybe I am just used to typical 11 line Megillah layout but these new columns look strange to me.

Did anyone hear of this Hiddur before? Is it worth writing with this new Tikkun since my customer wants all the Hiddurim even if it may compromise a bit on the beauty of the layout?

Here are the first two pages of the Tikkun:


  1. How many total amudim in this tikun and how can one get a copy of it?

    1. 50 amudim. You can get a copy direct from R' Chinagel.

  2. Makes sense. Amud means "column" - as in "pillar" and Daf is Aramaic (Targum: Dapa) for "Keresh" (K'rashim), both used in the Mishkan.

  3. It is a hidur however im not sure if that hidur overides the 3 times למשפחתיכם/טפח that line width should be.

    however the most lethal request is "all the hidurim" (usually comes with a customer not willing to pay)
    is your ksav so beautiful that you can do all the hidurim?
    are you doing gilyonos chazon ish +meleches shamayim(gilyon starts from top of lamed) kedei lagul front and back
    aseres bnei haman -kiflayim and yashar.
    some sofrim put out a list of there hidurim. ithen get requests
    "how much is your cheapest רד"ך TEFILIN


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