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chof and vov, close but not possul

I recently observed a discussion where a particular Magiha was concerned in several cases of a vov following a chof, with the two letters close but not actually touching. While there are opinions who are choshesh in such a case (R' Wosner) it is important to note that it really has to present itself in the unique manner of looking like a mem with a small nifsak (for example the vov of the mem would be angled back slightly as it is shaped in a mem). Its not enough for them just to be close, there has to be other contributing factors. Therefore in a case such as the pictures below, where it presents as a chof and vov that -  yes are close - but simply still look like their normal individual letters, there should be no problem unless they are actually touching. I was wondering R' Moshe's opinion on this matter and if anyone thinks there is a problem with these "karov negiyos"