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Private buyer looking for a super mehudar Torah

I have a private collector who is looking for a super mehudar Sefer Torah - the very best tav, the most hiddurim etc - and he is willing to pay top dollar for it. If any of you have something to offer, please email me with an official proposition. He needs to buy it officially, from a real company or professional sofer and the offer must be done in writing, with all details about the Torah, like number of lines, and of course, the final price (if the Torah is in Europe, with VAT included). He is flexible about the size and ksav. This is quite urgent, so if any of you have a special Torah like this, email me asap at

Gvil Sefer Torah

I am looking for a completed Sefer Torah (new or used) on Gvil. Any help in finding a source would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.