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Practical questions

1) When erasing a large portion, is there a point of not throwing away the small parts of klaf that I scraped away? In other words, is there kedusha on the scraped parts?If yes, please provide source. 2) I was writing a Nun, and somehow I wrote a Gimmel by mistake. Although I wasn't sure if it's ok, I quickly connected the feet of the Gimmel transforming it into a Nun - right away, a second after the Gimmel was done. Since I initially wanted to write a Nun, and right away transformed the mistaken Gimmel into a Nun - is this acceptable or I have to erase? Thanks YK

shayloh on extended kotz (r"t) on yud

Om the yud below of   "mibais"   the magiha was strengthening the kotz R"T and overdid it. The addition was made after the kesivah, which could be a redeeming factor. Other redeeming factors include that both the right regel and kotz are not long (less of a shailo and ches) and also, the kotz does not come down quite as low as the regel. Thoughts?