פורום בינלאומי לנושא סת"ם

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Parasha descending into the Titurah

There are times when a set of tefillin are brought in to be checked, and the housing is just too small to accomodate the parasha of the shel yad fully within the bayit.  The result is that a good portion of the parasha extends down to the Titurah resting outside of the confines of the bayit.

At this point it is easy to recommend that the client purchase a new and larger bayit for the shel yad in order to resolve the problem.  But are there other solutions that do not involve the client spending money?  Is there anything else that can be done?

Perhaps, just like we place the mezuzah at an angle; we may also place the parasha of the shel yad at an angle in order to take up the slack.  This solution is brought-up in the Sefer "Zikhron Eliyahu."

Needless to say, I have tried this solution, and it did not work. The Perasha is just too large for the bayit and although part of the lower section of the scroll ended further in within the housing there still remained a significant section sticking out. See picture below.

So what else to do?  Perhaps we can flatten the parasha of the Shel Yad in a way similar to what we do when we insert the scrolls into the Shel-Rosh.  Perhaps a combination of both of the above methods will be sufficient to take up the slack and have the parasha fit fully within the bayit. So let's go and try again...

Re-wrap and we are all ready to go.  Will it work?  Here are the results.....

Much, much better, but we still have a tip of the margin sticking out.  Perhaps this may be the best that we can do?  Apply a little more pressure and... there it is!  The scroll is now inside the bayit!!!

What do you think? There are some that would hold that since the bottom part of the scroll still lies within the titurah elyona then, this section (on tefillin gazot) is considered to be outside of the bayit. This is particularly the case since there is a change in the ribuah on the outside of the Tefillah.   Notwithstanding, the above opinion, is there room to be lenient and accept this solution lechatechila and consider the parasha as laying fully within the bayit?  Or should the client be made to purchase a larger shel yad?  Your input is duly welcomed.