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borderline reish / dalet in ches

(This picture is a relatively mild case) but does a wide vov of a ches that is definitely not an outright reish - but may be a shailos tinok if presented on its own (ie not part of a ches) - present any ch'shash whatsoever? I'm asking acc to the S"A Harav who is machmir in the case of a daled or reish (instead of vov or zayin) within a ches. See the ches in the second last  line above. I've discussed this and even worse cases with several Chabad poskim over the years and have always understood it must be an "outright" reish or daled to be possul. In a sofek (such as the above case or even a little worse)  we would be meikel. (What I mean by meikel is that we don't have to start showing part of the ches to a child to ascertain if it's a vov or a reish etc). I am wondering if anyone has heard otherwise or has heard of such a concept of covering part of the ches and making a shailos tinok on the wider part in question as a way of deciding if the ches is…