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Selling A chabad Megila to a "Regular" Jew and more

Mishna Brurah תרצא ס"ק כ holds that if aseres is not at bottom of column as in so called chabad megila the megila is kosher only bdieved and should be used to read in public only when other megila is not available.
Vav of Veizasa (I heard that the late Lubavitcher Rebbe received a regular megila from his father in law the previous rebbe, The current chabad megila is written according to the megila written by the rebbe the moharash- and the late rebbe received a megila in this style as a present from a chasid-this then became the standard chabad megila)
According to pre megadim if vav of veizasa is not zakufa different megila should be used  (שעה"צ סק כ)
Mishna Brurah (שעה"צ סק יד) writes that nowadays we do not make the vav of veizasa zakufa
How should we write it?
in ksav ari I always make sure the vav is zakufa. In ksav Beis Yosef  I dont know -I would say that since its a kosher vav why not do it and be yotze the pri megadim.