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Apologies, due to technical issues we have postponed the shiur

We had scheduled an online shiur L'zchus Rabbi Mendy Gorman as well as for another member of this forum R' Pinchas Sholom Ben Brocha . It was decided in the end that due to practical reasons (the time wasn't suitable for everyone) that Rabbi Weiner was going to upload the shiur to the forum and people could listen at their convenience. However we only managed an audio file and for some reason audio files cannot be uploaded here. It was supposed to be uploaded by the time the shiur was supposed to happen, a few minutes ago. We are now postponing the shiur to 11:00 PM Israeli time  next Tuesday 29th March , after Purim. I will update the exact mode of transmission as we get closer. Apologies for anyone who was inconvenienced. Wishing b'suros tovos and a freilichen purim to everyone.... Eli