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This is not a Purim Shpiel (or maybe it is). I'm looking for a sofer who writes high quality Alter Rebbe ksav to write a Gr"a (11 line) megillah!

Had a strange request from an interesting balebos who is both close to Chabad and the Litvisher kollel. I was explaining to him the difference between all the different types of ksav, minhagim and layouts for megillah. He liked the idea of combining the beautiful artistic style of Alter Rebbe ksaav and the halachically advantages of the 11 line Gr"a megillah layout. I told him such a combination is unheard of and borders a purim shpiel. But he's set on the idea, and said he's going to call it the "moshiach megillah" because such a megillah is suitable for moshiach's times. Indeed. I did however place one condition: payment upfront. Because if he orders it and doesn't buy it, I highly doubt I'd find any other customers interested in buying it, and could well stuck with it for a long time!