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Mistaken Shem

I got extremely upset to find out I made a terrible mistake - the Elokim in the bottom was supposed to be written in the next line, which I inexplicably skipped (I started to scrape it off). I don't really understand how I got to this situation but Shgios Mi Yovin. The Shem was written Lishma.
This is within the last 3 lines of the third column of the yeriah. Every column is 48 lines, so it's very unfortunate placing.
Now - what are my options besides throwing the whole Yeria away? This Sefer is being written for my private use, so I would accept out of the box solutions as long as it doesn't makes the whole Torah bedieved.
The options I thought: 1) Getting a Yemenite specialist to carve out just the Shem (they can do it). Problem: I heard that even if I do that it would be problematic to write over a non-shem word since the whole klaf area becomes Kadosh when you write the shem on it initially. 2) Getting a specialist to make a Matils. Problem: I also heard it might be p…