is this type of ksav good enough to put into gassos batim or is it usually the type of thing you would put into pshutos?



  1. This looks like a decent entry Lechatchillah ksav, perfect for entry level pshutim mehudarim type tefillin. There is no "minimum level" for gassos and I'm sure some vendors would put such a parsha into gassos.

    It's interesting that years ago it wasn't as common for vendors to put "simple" parshiyos into gassos batim. Simple parshiyos (like the type pictured) went with more simple pshutim mehudarim batim or very often with simple dakkos batim, as an entry / basic package, for more "traditional" customer. Gassos tefillin usually had better quality ksav, as this was the better option for those looking for proper, mehudar tefillin. (If you found very basic parshiyos in gassos batim it was even considered a bit fishy...)

    Today, this is not so much the case.
    (The trend changed likely because of the availability of very inexpensive gassos batim in recent years and the absence of commercial dakkos production. Pshutim mehudarim batim are not as good as dakkos, so the cheaper gassos became more common for the lower end consumer.

  2. If the ksav is meets a minimum (entry level) lechatchila standard then why shouldn't they be put into gasos to be sold as basic lechatchila tefillin? There's a considerable demand for entry level lechatchila tefillin.


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