Should a woman make a shehechiyanu after the completion of the last letters of a sefer Torah she commissioned?

Since 1) women are obligated acc to many opinions in the Mivtzah and b) a common custom is for the owner to say shehechiyanu at completion (with a new fruit). So, for example, a woman who commissions a sefer in memory of, say, her late husband, and she is the owner, can / should she say shehechiyanu???

I've never seen it done, but why not?


  1. Majority of early and late Poskim (Rambam (Sefer Hamitzvos 18), Chinuch (Mitzvah 613), Sfas Emes (Yoreh Deah 270)) hold that women are exempt from writing a sefer torah since they are not obligated in learning torah, however, some authorities (Shagyas Aryeh) hold that woman are also obligated in this mitzvah.
    Besides for this, there is a separate discussion among the Poskim if a woman can make a bracha in front of men, like the bracha of Hagomel after giving birth.
    Therefore to endorse the idea of way of an obligation or minhag I would say we don't.
    Having said that, if she wants to make a bracha on a pri chadash (without doing it as a public thing) and have in mind for the Torah on the day of the siyum it is not seem to be a problem.


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