Is this considered Ksiva?

In the word "BABOKER", the following happened:

1. The first Beis came out perfectly normal.
2. As I was writing the base of the second Beis, it connected with the first and seemed to create a full connection so that there was one thick line of wet ink.
3. However, as I pulled the Kulmus down and off of the Klaf, they seperated and left exactly what you see here above: as small Negiya. As you can see, there is no roshem that there was ever any ink in between the two bases.

Can I just scrape the small connection? Or no because of what happened in step 2?


  1. I think that since the ink did not hold - you only relate to what we see now - a small negiya that can be fixed.

  2. I discussed this with R' Avrohom Hersh Wozner.

    He told me that if the ink recedes simply as a result of a motion of the Kulmus - it is no problem at all.

  3. Look in Shut Shoel UMeishiv 3, 3, 122, who deals with this specific cae and is Machshir, because it is considered like a bit of dirt lying on top of the letter, to which brushing away does not consist chok tochos. and then ask your Rav if we take on his opinion, because Rav Dovid Cohen of Kiryat Sefer told me that Rav Elyashiv was sometimes Machmir, depening on whether you raised the Kulmus from the Klaf before the event or not

  4. I’m pretty sure harav Moalem is machmir in this


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