Efforts to keep the forum going...

Wishing everyone a good Moed and I hope everyone is having a great Pesach.

This has probably been evident for some time but I regret to say that I am finding it harder and harder  to keep this forum going.  The forum has been going for about five years and clearly has proven its value with thousands of informative posts archived (many with excellent discussion in the comments) and still averaging close to 300 hits per day.  However I have neglected to add new members for a long time and this has stunted the growth and volume of new posts.  The reason is simply lack of time on my part.

I would like to apologize to the many people who have emailed me in recent years to join the forum and I simply have not added them. Nor have I added quite a few newer members to the member list on the side bar. I wish to reiterate that I do not vet who can join - the forum is open to everyone - however in order to add new members I need to clean out the authors list (BlogSpot only allows 100 authors) and many of these are no longer active. I simply have not had time to maintain and clear this list or work out a better system. I hope no one took my lack of response personally.

Like everything, in order for this forum to function and grow, it requires someone with the time and interest to run it. I have the interest but unfortunately, as said, not the time. I am therefore delegating this task to one of the members of this forum, Dov Berger, who has privately expressed interest. If anyone else is interested in helping,  please email me privately. I'm sure we can agree, there is tremendous potential here.

Once Dov joins as admin, we are aiming to clear out non active authors and add the many new members who have requested to join as well as to label posts (most posts are not labeled) so that topics can easily be found when searched.

Hopefully we can make this site great again 馃槒

Any other suggestions or offers for assistance are welcome.

Wishing everyone much hatzlocha in their avodas hakodesh and a happy and kosher (remainder of ) Pesach...


  1. Reb Eli - first of all, yashar ko'ach on everything you have done for making this invaluable forum a reality. Secondly, to Dov - yes, please call on me to help.
    Finally - to each and every member of the STaM community - Chag Samayach!

  2. Thank you for all your efforts. I suggest emailing all present non active members and give them an opportunity to become more active. if you don't receive a (positive) reply them let them go for others who wish to join. I think those active in the techum of STaM should be given priority for membership.

    1. Is there a limit on the number of members who can belong to this forum? If not, then I don't see a need to exclude anyone. Some members might enjoy reading comments only. Perhaps a survey for feedback about the forum might inject renewed interest.


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