megillas Esther that opens top to bottom

Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? Rather than opening side to side, someone wants it to open up and down.


  1. Great question- I had a thought. If a shem hashem is written top to bottom may it be erased? I did not find the answer in hilchos stam however in hilchos shabbas כותב ומוחק the m"b discusses the issue.I dont have chelek gimel here. I believe same would apply here

  2. אפשר שיש לפסול כהאי גוונא - משום שראינו בחז"ל שמגילה יש בה דיני ספר, וכל ספר נגלל מצד לצד, ולא הפוך ממטה למעלה וכדומה, ואפשר שאין זה קרוי ספר
    נכון שלא מצאתי דבר זה בכתובים, אבל מסברא נראה כן

    יישר כח על השאלה המענינית

  3. To clarify, I refer to writing side to side but columns would be one below the other.
    The person wanted to claim that since a megillah is an igeres and supposedly royal proclamations were written in such a fashion that it would be the crrect way to write it.

    As it's obviously not the mesorah and has always been written in the same format as a sefer I told him to provide sources and a gadol who permits it.


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