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Another shailah




Ksav Arizal for other than tefillin

Is there a mokor in Chabad sources that says Ksav Ari is also for other than Tefillin?In Shulchan oruch 36 Alter rebbe seems to indicate that the arizal differences are specifically for Tefillin.

A few shailahs


Large Sized Peshutim

Does any one know of a source for large-sized Peshutim Mehudarim 4 cm or larger.  Larger preferred.  Appreciate it very much.

How many hairs come out of Tefilin Shel Rosh?

Only One.  [click]

Second beis top line


Looking for a Jerusalem (English speaking) batim worker to give 2-3 day crash course

A sofer coming to Israel next month asked me to find a Jerusalem based, English speaking, knowledgeable and good batim worker to give a 2-3 day crash course in hachnasos, sealing and basic tikkunim. Any suggestions?

Comment on the vertical megillah question

I received this by email: I am not a member of your forum, and don’t wish to become one, but I do follow it religiously. On the recent question of a megilla that opens vertically, it seems to me that there is a basic problem. If the request was to write it page by page, with the pages arranged vertically, with spaces in between, then the spaces would constitute a parsha that is incorrect. If, on the other hand, the intention was to write the whole thing, line after line, without any extra breaks, that would cause a problem with Asseres B’nai Haman, which everyone seems to agree have to be either at the top or bottom of a page, if not on a page of their own. So I don’t really see how this can be L’maaseh. Thank you for your interesting forum.

Kosher ink recipe

Shalom, does anybody here have a detailed recipe of kosher ink? It shouldn't be the best one, but it should be a relatively easy one. I would like to cook ink for educational purposes. And also, I prefer something that I could use relatively a short while after its preparation. Thanks

The point of the shala

  "can we ignore the point" since only a sharp point where the rosh and regel form an angle less than 90 degrees is a dalet,perhaps this reish is kosher although there is a "point"