A few shailahs


  1. Shalom R. Yerachmiel,
    We can be machshir In both cases.
    (1) The YOD lacks the shiur of the YERECH - yet it's permissible to lengthen as we can recognize the shape of the letter.
    (2) The CHET - we rely on the roof of the CHET of Rashi, and say that the CHUTRA of Rabenu Tam is not MEAKEV. Should be fixed by widening the HUMP of Rabbenu Tam on both sides. Wait for it to dry, and then carve-out the middle to give it a more proper shape. Not considered to be CHAK-TOKHOT.

  2. I discussed these shailahs with senior talmidim of Rav Friedlander zt"l and one felt that both were fixable to be bedieved and another felt the Yud would be fixable b'shaas hadchak and that the Ches was likely a shinui tzura. (Looks almost like a lamed hitting a Vav.)

  3. To me it seemed keep the Yud is fixable. I was much less certain about cheis...


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