Kosher ink recipe

does anybody here have a detailed recipe of kosher ink? It shouldn't be the best one, but it should be a relatively easy one. I would like to cook ink for educational purposes. And also, I prefer something that I could use relatively a short while after its preparation.


  1. For ink to be kosher, it must not contain מי עפצים from oak galls. See:

    There are kosher galls which are not produced by insects.

    The שלחן ערוך and the רמ"א say that ink should be made with עשן. But, אם כתבו במי עפצא וקנקנתום כשר . This applies only to kosher kind of afatzim, because ink must be made only from ingredients which are kosher, i.e. מן המותר בפיך . The באור הלכה explains the שלחן ערוך and says that:
    דוקא בדיעבד אם כתבו במי עפצים וקנקנתום כשר

    1. Sounds like a very interesting project. Please take pics, if possible and post on this forum. Thanks!


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