long flexible needles for inserting chut bein habatim

Does anyone know what these needles are called? I want to order them online in bulk and don't know what to search for.


  1. Shalom R. Yerachmiel,
    What you need is a "Big Eye Beading Needle."

  2. I just get the batim macher I use to send them to me. I'm sure your local batim guy could spare a few....

  3. I can purchase locally but they charge per piece and are expensive. There are the standard, cheap ones and twisted ones which last longer. I did ask a batim macher who I know has the twisted ones but he didn't seem interested in selling any to me even though he was about to send me an order and wed me some change, which I offered to accept in needles. In any case, I found both online in bulk and free shipping for a fraction of the local cost.


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