I CANNOT FIGURE OUT WHAT CORRECTION WAS MADE HERE. (I called the sofer who said he made long lamed by mistake which cannot really be -however he writes very much and might not remember )


  1. I'm not sure why the alarm... he wrote "bveisecha" twice and caught it after completing the Parsha. What he did was completely appropriate

    1. If the mistake wasn’t caught until after the parsha was finished, how did he stretch the ת? Unless it was done in small steps — with panim chadashos.

  2. נראה לי שאם הסופר לא יכול לתת אמתלא ראויה והגיוני מה קרה כאן
    הרי זה פסול משום כתיבה שלא כסדרן.

    נראה שהוא התבלבל בין מקרה זה למקרים אחרים שמושכים גג אות, אבל בתי"ו זה בלתי אפשרי

    1. What about other psrshiyos one may have of his . Can the be used? Does one have to recall tefillin if they were sold with this sofer's parshiyos?


  3. I had a parsha from this exact sofer (please confirm last name ends with the letter n) in my office in australia a little while ago which had the word bveisecha written twice. It was in the shel rosh. I sent it back. I remember the mistake well because I showed it to people and discussed it with the sofer as well since i had paid for computer check (I re computer checked all his tefillin after that). As strange as it sounds, I'm fairly certain it is this exact parsha. Pls confirm the sofers name ends with an n and the parsha is dated more than 6 months old? I also remember some of the letters on the parsha were a bit fuzzy.

    This is very serious if this is the case.

  4. If you use mishmeres stam we can have them run the pasha in database.
    If not please find copy.
    Question for rabbi wiener. התבלבל now what as Eli asked.

    1. No, it did not go through mishmeres.

      They came supposedly computer checked and when I found the error doing my manual hgoha, I sent the parsha back and computer checked the others locally.

      But I've got to the bottom of the issue:

      I Sent the sofer your picture and reminded him that I had sent back that parsha when it had the word "bveisecha" written twice . He did not deny that, and wrote to me as follows:

      אם אתה רומז וחושב שזה לא כסדרן את אתה טועה.

      מי אמר לך שזה אותה פרשיה.

      הטעות הזאת קוראת לי לא פעם אחת.זה קורה כמה פעמים לפעמים

      ולפעמים אני קולט את הטעות באותו הזמן.ועוצר ומוחק ומתקן.

      To which I asked him why then is its stretched, why not just write it normally, to which he responded:

      מוחק את המילה השניה ,

      משאיר רק את האות ך, ומושך את האות ת עד לאות ך

      ואז ממשיך הלאה.

      So I guess you should definitely not be using the parsha.

      Now to be melamed zechus: I know this sofer has ksav kaballah and has been writing for many years for different sochrim and it is clear from this exchange that his parshiyos get around. It is a good parsha for pshutos , overall an easy hagoha and the guy is a shomer torah umitzvos (something not guaranteed when dealing with cheaper parshiyos). He has obviously made a significant mistake in this case, but I don't think this means he has total disregard for Halacha nor was it done intentionally by the sound of it (or else he wouldn't have written what he did)...

    2. סליחה
      לפי מה שהוא כותב כאן הוא מודה שהוא כתב הפרשיה שלא כסדרן
      הוא בעצמו כותב שהוא השאיר הכ"ף ואח"כ משך גג התיו -
      אז זה שלא כסדרן !!

    3. Yes, obviously.
      As i wrote:
      "So i guess you should definitely not be usung this parsha"

  5. We might need to go back to kabala betokef all the more fore cheaper parshios.This sofer obviously doesn't know the halacha-his kabala is from 10 or more years ago.

  6. I'm just seeing this now. Perhaps, he was mevatel the chaf pshuta and left part of it then wrote the Sav and finished the Chaf?


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