Rosh of tzadi"

Sholom Aleichem to all of members of this wonderful blog.

My name is Daniel Goldstein Certified Sofer from Scranton PA.  It is a pleasure to be part of this blog and hope to share more questions' coments and insights on Hilchos Sta"m together.

Here is my first:)

אות צ׳ Would the BLITAH on left side of the ROSH  be enough to machshir this tzaddi? I would like to hear your comments. Thank you.


  1. My inclination is that it ought to be fixed by adding some ink to the head.

  2. This is the typical shaila that cannot be decided on a picture. When viewing it without enlarging, the blita is so small it cannot be counted as a rosh only a pgima. When enlarging it seems that the rosh is adequate. If it would be a nun it would have same halacha.

  3. Rav Friedlander was very mekel with such things. Obviously it's worthwhile to fix but I'd say it's kosher as is.

    1. I personally asked Rav Friedlander ztl about this case in many different variations, and invariably was Makpid that the Rosh should be more than a Pegima (as Beis Hastam says), whereas Rav Morgenstern shlita was invariably more Mekel with the size of the Rosh, and a Pegima was enough. On many occasions I kept the shailo, I can show it to you for comparison if you wish. You can probably be Mekel in this case but if you are quoting Rav Friedlander as a rule he did not allow a Pegima

    2. I was close to Rav Friedlander for almost 30 years and asked him 1000's of shailahs and from my experience (and others have had the same experience) he was mekel in calling very slight yetzios as acceptable heads. Therefore, I'm comfortable saying that this is kosher.


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