same sofer ????

I just cant figure out how this sofer operates


  1. Very strange. In the word חמץ the letter ח is ktav HaAri. In the word חג the letter ח is Ktav Beit Yosef. How is this possible?

  2. It happens when a Sofer who usually writes Beis Yosef decides to write an Arizal product (or vice versa). Habit and instinct sometimes take over.

    Of course, a responsible Sofer will go over it and fix it, where possible.

    In this case, perhaps he did look it over and thought that if he 'clipped' the בליטת הזיין from the right, that it would leave too big a space between השביעי and חג. Maybe....


  3. I assume you are worried about the mechikah and stretched tav in l'avoshecha?

    This stretched tav could just be that he tried to get another word in the line and then saw it wasn't happening so he erased the second word (bshas ksiva) and stretched to get to the end of the line. It does not reek of lo kesidron as the other one did.

    However once you don't trust someone, doubt will crop up everywhere...

    1. no one would stretch a letter to end up out of line

    2. he stretched and left the space for two letters but messed up the yud somehow making it bigger (maybe because he wrote on the mechika) and that's probably how he ended up going out of the line.


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