Number if stitches in megillah

I think I remember learning that one shoukd sew the sheets of a megillah together with 5 stitches. Are me makpid about this today?


  1. Shalom R. Eli,
    We are strict to sew the Megillah with at least 9 stitches. Three at the top of the yeriah, three in the middle and three at the bottom.

  2. The minhag is like the Chayyei Adam (I believe), which, I believe, is the consensus of the poskim, that the din of 3 tfiros is a KULA in megillah, i.e. it need not be stitched as well as a Sefer Torah. However, we do NOT say it l'chumra. Therefore, in general, when we stitch a megillah from top to bottom like a Sefer Torah (leaving a bit unstitched at the edges, of course), there is no need to go out of one's way to stitch nine stitches.


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