ה"א משוכה

אני חושב שהה"א הזו פסולה


  1. The problem with the above "HEH" is that it arises in us the doubt whether it's a letter "BET." The initial gut reaction when seeing it, is to conclude that this "HEH" has lost its shape and want to invalidate it. However, halakha is clear. It is precisely in a case of such doubt that we must show it to a TINOK.

  2. If this was acceptable as a Hei than the Poskim would have told us clearly - in a case where the regel of the hei was written in the middle of the letter rather than the end - to simply stretch the regel all the way till the end.

    Obviously, that is NOT a solution. Which would seem to imply that R' Moshe is correct in rendering this possul.

    As such there is no tikkun either. For the only tikkun available is to scrape and whenever there is a psul in the guf ha'os - scraping would be considered Chak tochos.

  3. Please take a look at sefer Safekot HaSofer - Letter Heh #21

    1. I humbly disagree with the comparison to the case being dealt with in Sfeikas Hasofer. He is not speaking of a case such as this where it is so long.

  4. As per the above post from YY I reviewed the m"b who writes that if the nekuda is in middle gag should be scratched however if it is at end of line it should be left as is. Nekuda should not be stretched.


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