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The Nun of Eynaichem

does it have a tzura?

Mare Mekomos

Anyone has mare mekomos on the topic of  אם הגיה אפי' אות אחת מעלה עליו כאילו כתבו ?  in regards to if this could appy to the actual sofer and not the Torah owner. Gmar hatima tova

Any info/comments on retzuos from Azulai (under Rav Mutzafi) or Kadosh (which hechsher?)


These were found by a friend of mine, they are both evenly off the sirtut the entire Mezuza, the sofer (after yelling that you know nothing!!!!) said that it just happens sometimes! Any limud zechus?

Tefillin Paint

B"H Is there a matte finish Tefillin paint that is ready to go? I use the Tefillin paint (thick) mixed with lacquer thinner, however I am asked often if they have a paint that is able to be used and stored in the Tallis bag.
Hi. This was found in yesterdays Torah reading... aleph and daled... before and after fixing screenshots attached. Would anyone think that there is a chashash in the daled being a shinui tzurah to a tzdi pshuta? Many thanks, Daron